What's All the Hype About Hydroxatone?

Hydroxatone has been creating a lot of buzz lately with all the TV commercials, and online ads. You've seen the ads telling you to visit www.SmootherFace.com and promising to peel away the years just by using their cream. With all the hundreds of anti-wrinkle miracle creams out there, how do you know who to trust?

About The Company Behind Hydroxatone

They are manufactured by a company called Hydroxatone LLC from Jersey City, NJ. You can find a few complaints, but for the most part, they were people who took the free offer and didn't know they had enrolled in an autoship program.

Why did they get on the auto ship program without knowing it??? Not sure, but the website explicitly says they will be in an autoship. It's right there in plain sight and in regular sized print on the order page. Who knows...maybe they actually thought they could get a product for nothing -- they really should get their facts straight ONLINE before buying something. I actually buy everything I can online because it's the safest way to shop.

By the way, if you're not sure what an autoship program is, here's the explanation: the company basically lets you try out their product for 30 days and you pay for the shipping which is usually under $10. If you like it, they send you more every 30 to 60 days -- for the advertised price. If you don't like it, you just simply call the company and cancel the autoship.

What Makes Hydroxitone So Good?

The biggest secret to making Hydroxatone or any other anti-aging product good is the ingredients. Other wrinkle cream companies make hyped claims about some miracle ingredient, but it's the ingredients with well published clinical studies that make the difference. There are ads all over TV about some "rare melon extract" or "Chilean Snail Extract" and it's probably just plain marketing. The manufacturers of other wrinkle creams like this claim they've done clinical studies, but those studies could have been paid for by the manufacturer.

Here are the ingredients that make Hydroxatone a good product; Hyalauronic Acid, Matryxl3000, peptides, which stimulate collagen synthesis, and Argirelineā„¢. All four of these ingredients have some serious science behind them. Compare Hydroxatone to other top wrinkle creams here!

Bottom Line

This product is recommended and there is a risk free 30 day trial that will allow you to test it before paying for it, so if you are totally bent on trying Hydroxitone, you have nothing to lose. Our advice would be to read the reviews of the top 3 products and make your decision there. Now you are an empowered consumer and you have the information to make your own choice. Here's the link to compare Hydroxatone.