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Wenzhou doors and windows Association visited Jeffrey Intelligent Technology Co.

On April 22, 2018, Mr. Chen Guoxiong, President of Wenzhou Door and Window Association, Secretary-General Zhang Boquan, Executive Director Li Jian and members of more than 20 well-known enterprises in Wenzhou door and window industry led by the association visited Zhejiang Jeffery Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Our company chairman Lin Liangrong, manager Jin Yangxin, director Wang Xianyu, accompanied by all staff.

During the visit, many entrepreneurs of Wenzhou Doors and Windows Association members exchanged opinions with the heads of Jeffrey Company extensively. They had a detailed understanding of the production and operation of window openers and the development of intelligent window openers for key products. After watching the display of window openers, they discussed and exchanged in detail the improvement of intelligent window openers for main products. He put forward a series of original and constructive opinions. This will lay a solid foundation for Jeffrey's future development.

President Chen Guoxiong said that members of the associations should cherish this visit and hope that through this exchange, mutual trust and friendship can be further enhanced and new impetus will be injected into the development of the window opener industry in the future.